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Classroom Expectations

Use your notes to help you fill in this crossword.

2           3
    5     6   7
  12 13    
14         15   16    
18   19              
21         22    

2.A wood or plastic instrument that you should bring to class everyday.
5.To get full credit, you must write this at the top of your paper.
9.The first place to look when you are absent.
10.A time when you can ask questions and get math help.
11.The number of sections in your math binder.
13.The main thing that the teacher asks you to do in math class.
14.When others are talking, you should ___________.
16.You must do this so that your answer will stand out on your paper.
17.The last name of your math teacher.
18.What the "a" in A # 5 stands for.
20.The number of freebie tardies you can get before you receive a detention.
21.What the "n" in N # 5 stands for.
22.Do not make ________ of other people.
23.32 = 4x The value of "x"
1.To get full credit, you must write this in the upper right hand corner of your paper.
3.The room number your math class is in.
4.2x + 3 = 11 The value of "x"
6.You are only allowed two of these per quarter.
7.The person you need to see if you were absent and missed a quiz.
8.Ask and Answer Questions, Take notes and Try all Problems.
12.Almost everyday you will begin class by doing one of these.
15.7 + -4 = ____
16.Something you will organize and keep all math papers in.
19.You must do this to receive credit when doing a problem.

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