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World Today-Islam and the Arab Spring

Mr. Jenkins

The following words will be used to complete this Crossword Puzzle. Terms that have a space (i.e. Arab Spring) will NOT have them on the puzzle.

Salah Hadjj Shahadah Sawm Zakah Fajr Makkah(Mecca) Allah Muslim Brotherhood Arab Spring Hosni Mubarak Mohammed Morsi Tunisia Hassan al-Banna Hamas

2   3
5                   6            
  8 9      
    11 12      

5.Islamic political/social group founded in 1928; has been recently associated with Terrorism and violence across the Middle East.
7.3rd Pillar- A muslim must give up eating or drinking from sun up to sun down during the Holy Month of Ramadan
10.Series of uprisings and riots across the primarily Muslim nations of the Middle East; several government were toppled during these string of protests
13.1st Pillar of Islam-Muslims proclaim " There is no God but Allah, and his Prophet was Muhammad"
14.Primary Muslim nation in North Africa; site of the first successful uprising of what would be known as the Arab Spring of 2011
1.Name of the first prayer of the day a Muslim must make. It must be done before sunrise.
2.A Muslim must pray to Allah daily; Sunni Muslims ( a sect) say 7 times a day, Shiites say 5 times daily.
3.Former head of the Military of Egypt under Mubarak; Has been associated with the Muslim extremist group The Muslim Brotherhood
4.Former Leader of Egypt; Was forced to step down after 26 years by protests during the Arab Spring in 2011
5.Holy City. Place of birth of Islam's High Prophet, Muhammad, and site of the base of the Muslim Faith
6.Teacher and activist in Egypt; In 1928 created with fellow Egyptian Muslims the Muslim Brotherhood.
8.5th Pillar. A muslim, at least once in life, must make the journey to the Islamic Holy city of Mecca (Makkah).
9.Muslim extremist group primarily operating in Lebanon and Israel. Have been responsible for several terrorist attacks in both nations and current control the goverment of Gaza, the Palestinan Muslim nation created from the West bank of Israel.
11.4th Pillar of Islam; requires a Muslim to give alms, or charity to those that need it.
12.Supreme God of Islamic faith

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