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1 2         3
    7 8    
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16             17        
  19         20        
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      23       24   25
27                   28 29        
  30 31          
32     33                

2.Partner of Belgium's most famous boy reporter.
5.Kryptonian equivalent of Canis lupus familiaris
6.Teleporting alien dog
9.Churchill's companion on the HMS Prince of Wales
13.Batman's best.
14.Adopted in "The Yoko Factor" (3 Words)
16.Psychotic Chihuahua, lives with Stimpy
17.Heard a lot about alternating current from a young Nicky Tesla.
18.A "Poor slob" who acted alongside Audrey Hepburn.
20.Plays piano at the theater owned by J.P. Grosse
21.Freddie didn't like the song, loved the cat
23.Rescued from an alien attack by Ellen Ripley
27.Norville Rogers' best friend's nephew
29.Friend of Elroy, caught a cat burgler in the future.
32.Prevents Jon Arbuckle from being sad and lonely
34.Once a man, once a rat, now a sensei.
35.Scottish Fold, terrorizes boxes in Japan
1.Leader of the Banana Splits
2.Supergirl's super (feline) friend
3.A famous barber and friend of Geppeto
4.First famous french feline to go to space
7.Also known as Henry the janitor. (3 Words)
8.Elliot's favorite. Stars in a play favored by tourists.
10.First to go back at 88 mph.
11.Feline muse of Edgar Allan Poe.
12.Mickey's rival for Minnie's affections.
15.Genius time traveler, adopted a boy named Sherman
19.Not a fan of Tweety, not at all.
22.Current chief mouser of 10 Downing Street, doesn't like the PM.
24.The Old Man and the Sea. Adopted by the most famous (animated) family.
25.Here's the hook, she married Filburt Turtle.
26.A homophone of "toe toe"
28.Inspector Gadget doesn't seem to have this, but Penny does.
29.Gargamel's friend, enemy of Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy et al.
30.Rubeus' cerberus
31.Always telling people that children are in wells
33.A "man in black" who isn't precisely a man.

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