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Oil burners Exam Help2


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3.Minimum size oil line
4.Lockout time of a burner firing less than 3GPH
6.Next to last component of the nozzle oil travels through
8.The flow rate on the nozzle is based on ___ psi
9.Service switch must be within how many feet of the burner
11.UL standard for storage tank 660 gal or less
12.Used to get the proper amount of air flow through the burner
15.Temp at which flue gases will start to condense
16.Two problems a vacuum test will reveal is air leas and ______ in the pipe
17.Type of boiler that requires a low water cut-off
19.The combination of elements found in fuel oil
20.The name of the lowest temp at which vapors in air above fuel ignite for short period of time when exposed to flame
22.About 21% of air is made up of this
24.Contains the flame and maintains a burn (combustion -what-)
30.Lock out time of a burner firing 3.1-20 gph
32.A cast-iron boiler that is dry fired could _____
35.A stack switch requires ______ conduit
36.Oil burners that produce smoke also produces ____
37.Draft ______ when its hotter outside
38.Increasing the fuel pump pressure will ______ the flow rate
41.Joints that allow movement in the piping
42.Temp at which all thermal switches and valves trip
43.The lower end of the vent pipe may never extend more then how much into the tank
44.Minimum gauge oil tank
1.Btu's in 1 gal. of fuel oil
2.Where should return lines be connected to the tank
3.Distance above grade vent pipes must be
5.The difference between cut-in and cut-out of an oil pump
7.Key final adjustment for most oil burners
10.Type of fuel delivery set-up that requires a check valve on the supply line of an oil tank
13.Maximum length of flexible conduit that can be used on an oil burner
14.Changing what pressure changes the GPH of the nozzel
15.The flash point of #2 fuel oil
18.Amount of time fire restive assemblys must protect tanks
21.As more air is added to the fire, the draft reading ______
23.Finest mesh screen size allowable on a vent pipe
25.To convert a oil pump to a two pipe system an internal ______ plug must be installed
26.Fuel introduced to the combustion chamber before ignition (type of ignition)
27.Outside tanks must be protected by atmospheric corrosion and ______ damage
28.Type of furnace that requires plastic piping and acidic protection
29.Minimum distance above grade for vent pipes
31.Minimum distance from burner to tank
33.Installed to remedy high viscosity
34.Material used for oil supply and return lines
39.A cause of pulsating oil pump pressure and a pulsating fire is air leaks in the ______ line
40.Maximum allowed voltage for an oil burner circuit
43.UL standard for storage tank above 660 gal

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