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Chapter 19 crossword

Dalton Laughlin

1 2
3       4                      
6   7                  
11                       12    
        13 14

3.Is the range of conditions that a species can tolerate and the area of resources it can use (2 Words)
5.The longer dormancy of an animal during the hot or dry period
6.Species that can tolerate a large range of conditions and use many different resources
10.Is the energy that species are in constant need of
11.Is all the things living thats that affect the organism (2 Words)
16.Is all the interacting organisms living in an area
18.Is all the members of a species that live at one place, at one time
19.Moving habitats
20.The thin volume of earth that supports life
1.When some certain animals go into a period of resting during the winter
2.Is a species who's range of resources is all that it needs (2 Words)
4.Is the both physical and chemical characteristics of the environment (2 Words)
7.The way of life, or a role the species plays in it's environment
8.includes all organisms and the non living environment found in a particular place
9.Organisms that can adjust their tolerance to abiotic factors
12.Species that have narrow niches, much like the koala
13.Organisms that don't regulate their internal conditions
14.When an animal escapes unfavorable environmental conditions temporarily
15.Are organisms that use their own energy to control some of their internal conditions
17.When an organism lives

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