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3.Whether under or over-nutrition is present, the dietary plan for Stage 5 CKD patients should provide an adequate amount of __________to reach ideal body weight.
4.Ideal body weight can be calculated from ____.
7.____________is common in stage 5 CKD patients.
8.Low intake of energy stimulates protein________.
11.__________can only be obtained from the diet.
12.Under-nutrition results from a ______energy or protein intake as compared to actual needs.
14._________affects patients survival and quality of life.
20.The energy requirements of a typical dialysis patients are similar to those of a healthy____________.
21.Use of phosphate binders is one of the basic strategies to control __________levels in stage 5 CKD patients.
22.Patients with CKD have to cope with complex modifications to their _____ and lifestyle.
23.High values of serum_______in stage 5 CKD may indicate excessive protein intake.
1.Unplanned weight loss should always be ___________.
2.Control of dietary potassium is important to prevent______________.
5.The nutritional support of dialysis patient aims to control the ________of some nutrients.
6.The simplest and most effective indicator of energy intake is body _____.
9.The dialysis modality affects the nutritional needs of the _____ patients.
10._________may be responsible for an increase in body weight.
11.Regular _____________of weight is the cornerstone to evaluating energy balance.
13.The PCR can be employed to estimate _______intake.
15._________is a critical issue in the management of patients with stage 5 CKD.
16.One of the learning outcomes of this article is to organize a referral of patients to the ________when needed.
17.One of the key words in this article is__________.
18.Overweight and ______are becoming increasingly common in dialysis patients.
19.PD patients have to decrease their energy intake because of the absorption of ______from the dialysate.

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