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Ms V

1 2
4   5          
7           8 9 10              
11 12                 13
  14 15           16        
  17 18              

3.Group of stars resembling a hunder with a bright belt and dagger
5.First civilisation to make a systematic catalogue of all the stars they could see
7.Planet named after the father of Saturn
9.Word coming from a combination of two Greek words: astron, meaning star, and nemein, meaning to name
12.Cooler areas on the Sun's surface where the magnetic field has disturbed the passage of heat from the core to its photosphere
15.A place where astronomers watch the heavens
17.Planet named after the goddess of love
19.When a new Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun (2 Words)
20.Planet named after the god of the sea
1.The outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere
2.Planet named after the Greco-Roman messenger of the gods
4.Planet named after the original father of all the gods; the most widely recognised astronomical image
6.Blood-red planet
8.Astronomors who try to understand the physics of the Universe and how matter behaves in the extremes of space
10.Basic structure of astronomical observation in Brittain
11.Study of light emitted by celestial bodies
13.Imaginary coordinates running from pole to pole to measure distance east and west on the Earth's surface
14.The largest world in our Solar System
16.Word coming from the combination of astron and logos (the science)
18.Group of stars resembling a curling river

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