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English C8 - Oliver Asks for More

Written by Charles Dickens

1 2 3      
4   5        
    6   7       8  
        10 11          
12               13 14    
16         17  
18 19     20               21         22   23
    25       26        
27                 28          
        30 31            
    32 33          
          34           35   36
37     38                      
      39     40          
  43     44  
45           46                        
  48             49   50  

3.(n.) the end part of a sleeve
5.(adj.) serious; angry
7.(n.) a church committee
9.(n.) direction
11.(n.) a child whose parents are dead
12.(v.) to make unable to act or move
15.(n.) a person confined to an institution
19.(adj.) wanting great quantities of food
21.(v.) feel great joy or delight
24.(n.) an evening meal
25.(n.) a short passage taken from a piece of writing, music, or film
27.(n.) pain; suffering
28.(n.) a church official
31.(v.) to bring oneself to calmness
33.(v.) look fixedly at something with one's eyes wide open
34.(n.) desire for food
37.(n.) imprisonment
40.(v.) eat quickly
41.(v.) to deny the statement
42.(v.) to speak with pauses or repetitions
45.(n.) a long step
46.(adj.) reasonable
47.(n.) a long-handled spoon with a cup-shaped bowl
48.(n.) a process
51.(v.) proceed at a pace faster than a walk
52.(adj.) unaware; senseless
1.(v.) to be slow in leaving
2.(n.) a thin liquid food of oatmeal
4.(v.) hold firmly
6.(n.) a writer of novels
8.(v.) to think, guess
10.(v.) astonish; shock
13.(n.) immediate
14.(v.) suffer severely from hunger
16.(adv.) expressive of grief and disappointment
17.(v.) to bend the upper body as a sign of respect
18.(n.) a person's face; facial expression
20.(n.) a person who works for another in order to learn a trade
22.(n.) bravery
23.(v.) to utter a loud, sharp cry
26.(v.) help
29.(n.) friend
30.(v.) make someone afraid
32.(n.) choice; option
35.(v.) shake with anxiety, fear
36.(adj.) with determination
38.(adv.) immediately; without delay
39.(n.) an assembly of individuals
43.(n.) a garment worn to protect clothing
44.(v.) to give
49.(n.) a unit of weight
50.(n.) loose fibre obtained by untwisting old ropes

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