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Growth and Reproduction

Prof. Lermontov

Basic Vocab to describe growth and reproduction. Please note: if there are two words in an answer, leave a GAP between words.

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3.4th stage of mitosis
4.3rd stage of mitosis
7.structures in a cell's nucleus that contain genetic material
8.the division of the nucleus, also 1st stage of cell division
10.the formation of new organisms from a single parent
12.the plural of nucleus
13.a thin barrier between nucleus and cytoplasm (2)
18.generally: the process by which cells multiply, also: 2nd part of a cell's life cycle (2)
19.... is the process by which yeasts and hydras multiply
21.one of the functions of cell division, also known as healing
22.2nd stage of mitosis
23.process by which the cell makes energy from food
1.a function of cell division by which an organism makes new organisms
2.the kind of asexual reproduction we observed in plants (2)
5.Bacteria, which have no nucleus, divide by ....
6.in the 2nd stage of cell division, the ... ...(2)
7.jelly-like fluid inside a cell in which many cell processes take place
9.the outer boundary of a plant cell (2)
11.the growing of a new body part to replace a lost or damaged body part
14.the 1st part of a cell's life cycle
15.1st stage of mitosis
16.the control centre of a cell, contains chromosomes
17.The name for the life cycle of a cell (2)
20.a function of cell division by which an organism matures
24.brain cells have a ............. cell cycle, as they rarely divide.

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