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1 2           3       4   5     6         7
9                 10    
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14             15               16  
  17   18           19  
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28               29   30                
32   33           34   35          
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    42     43   44  
45   46              
        47     48  

2.phr. to think of an idea, answer, etc.
5.a. awake and able to understand what is happening around you
9.n. an important job that sb has been given
11.n. a piece of cloth used for drying one's nose or eyes
12.phr. to go or travel towards a particular place
14.v. to write information down or store it
15.phr. not to know where one is or is unable to find his/her way
18.n. stupid or untrue ideas
21.n. a storm with thunder and lightning
22.v. to move quickly from side to side with a lot of force
24.phr. to burn sth to create flames
26.phr. to fall because one has accidently hit his his/her foot against sth
28.phr. to start to become involved in sth or start to do sth
29.a. very bad or serious
31.n. a very narrow space between two things or two parts of sth
32.ad. very quickly and in a very short time
34.n. a gas in the air that is necessary for most animals and plants to live
36.n. a strong human feeling such as love, hate, or anger
37.n. natural tendency to behave in a particular way
38.v. to take air into your lungs and send it out again
40.a. very bad or unpleasant
42.n. a situation in which there are a lot of problems that must be dealt with quickly
45.n. an area of lower land between two lines of hills or mountains, especially with a river flowing through it
47.v. to behave in a particular way or show a particular emotion
1.v. to move towards the top of a tree, mountain, or ladder
2.v. to quickly follow sb or sth in order to catch them
3.n. a sudden strong feeling or fear or nervousness
4.phr. in a way that surprises sb
6.n. a professional fire safety official who parachutes from a plane into a forest fire to put out the flames
7.v. to continue to live despite a tragedy such as an accident, war, or illness
8.n. the control of a group of people or a situation
10.a. anxious and afraid because of sth that has just happened
13.a. intended or planned
16.v. to suddenly feel too frightened to think clearly or behave sensibly
17.n. the soft grey powder that remains after sth has been burnt
19.v. to be or move into the position of being all around sb or sth on every side
20.n. the ability to think and to make sensible judgments
22.n. protection from danger
23.phr. an area that has already been burnt and acts as a barrier of protection
25.v. to move towards or nearer to sb or sth
27.v. to control an activity or process
30.phr. to try to think calmly about a situation from a distance to be more objective
33.a. hurtful
35.n. a unit for measuring length, equal to three feet or 0.91meters
39.n. hot bright burning gas that can be seen as fire
41.n. an amount or piece of a material or substance that covers a surface
43.v. to move from one place to another
44.v. point a light in a specific direction
46.v. to make sth start burning
48.a. relaxed and quiet, not angry or nervous

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