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Flying Fungi by Jill MacGregor

Annette Denton

Comprehension crossword for my level 2 readers.

1 2       3  
4                         5        
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    13                   14

1.This type of fungi provide homes for ...
4.The author of this article. (2 Words)
5.The colour of the fungi found by the boys.
7.Where the fungi were washed up.
8.Where you hardly ever find this type of fungi. (2 Words)
11.What kind of fungi is this article written about? (2 Words)
13.Where are these fungi usually attached to? (2 Words)
15.What these new fungi grow from.
16.Who knew what the name of the fungi was?
17.What these fungi look like.
18.What does it look like the children are playing with in the picture on page 26.
2.A process that plants use to make their own food.
3.The texture of the fungi the boys found.
6.The type of pictures used in this article.
9.Another type of fungi that is mentioned in the article.
10.Where you are most likely to find these fungi? (2 Words)
12.These fungi smell like ...
14.This type of fungi provide homes for ....

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