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Human Nature


1     2   3
  4         5         6    
  8               9                  
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        23 24  
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28 29                  
32             33          
35         36   37      

1.You can't think of anything you want to do.
4.You really, really, really want to go see this movie.
5.Someone is nice to you when you feel a bit 'down'.
8.You are in your pyjamas, snuggled up watching a cool movie.
9.You feel that things are going to get better.
10.Someone else has something you want
14.You feel sorry for the poor boy the teacher is shouting at.
17.You feel like jumping s high as a tree!
21.No matter how hard you try, you still can't do it!
25.Someone eats a sandwich from the bin.
26.You feel that everything is just awful and its getting worse.
29.You turn around and you can't find your mum or dad, they have gone.
30.You don't want to do something but you will do it anyway.
31.You are really pleased with your work and like looking at it.
32.You feel like jumping up and down.
33.You don't really think that what your friend says is true.
35.You feel bad about something you did to someone else, it was wrong.
36.You really don't want to go where you are being told to go.
39.You have lost your temper, its just not fair.
2.You are so tired that you ache all over, you have no energy left.
3.You are so scared you can't move and you can hear your heart thumping.
6.There is a power cut and all the lights in the house go out suddenly.
7.Yu wish you had someone to talk to.
11.You know you have homework to do but you can't be bothered.
12.You are too upset to carry on and are about to cry.
13.You feel better than everyone else around you.
14.You know what to say but you are scared to speak out loud.
15.You feel like everyone is laughing at you and thinks you are a fool.
16.You feel comfortable and you don't want to move.
18.You feel that you can do anything.
19.You miss your family, your house, your room, your pet.
20.You feel you can tackle any task that comes along.
22.Yu look back fondly at something that happened to you a while back.
23.You wish you had not done it, that was a bad idea, what were you thinking?
24.How could you have done such a mean thing to someone?
27.Nothing makes sense to you, no one else seems to feel the same.
28.Your eyes hurt and they want to close.
34.You are not worried because you know your teacher will help you out.
37.You feel that something unfair has happened.
38.You want to run away from something scary but you don't.

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