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Introduction to Computers

Information Technology

Complete the crossword.

1 2 3
5     6          
8               9              
10     11
14               15           16
  17     18            
20         21                    

4.Private for a company or organizations internal use
6.A place for storage
7.Data that is organized or presented in a meaningful fashion
8.A set of instructions that makes it possible for your computer to perform tasks
9.The collection of physical devices that make up your computers system
12.The study of the design of equipment and systems that people use
14.Small, inexpensive computers designed for personal use
18.Main work area on a computer
19.Set of instructions your computer receives in order to carry out its many functions
20.A little picture that represents programs, document files, Web links, or other items on the computer
21.a software program that lets you perform specific tasks
22.Data that has been processed into information (comes out)
1.A tiny computer chip that receives instructions and carries them out. AKA "brain"
2.The use of Science to solve practical problems (2 Words)
3.Area that can hold data for future use
5.A user enters information into a computer
10.An area on the computer screen where an application can be viewed and accessed
11.A program intentionally designed to cause annoyance or damage to computer hardware or software
13.The use of science to solve practical problems
15.The set of instructions your computer receives in order to carry out its many functions
16.Applications that allow select outsiders to use an intranet
17.A person who uses their expertise to gain access to other people's computers to get information illegally or do damage
18.A collection of raw unprocessed facts, words, pictures, figures, and symbols

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