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22 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholics United for the Faith

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1.Today's first reading is from this book.
3.Jesus ate at the home of one of these.
6.You have approached "Jesus the _______ of a new covenant,"
8."_______ yourself the more, the greater you are,"
9.You have approached "the spirit of the just made ______"
12."They were choosing the places of _____ at the table."
13.To feed the hungry is a corporal work of _____.
14."You have not approached that which could be ______"
16."Sing to God, chant _____ to his name;" Ps 68
17."An attentive ear is the joy of the _____."
18."You have approached Mount _____ and the city of the living God,"
20.Today's Gospel writer.
2.The reuniting of each person's soul and body on the last day.
4.The moral virtue that leads to an orderly love of self based on a true appreciation of one's position with respect to God and neighbor.
5."God gives a ____ to the forsaken:" Ps 68
7."When you hold a banquet, invite the ____"
10."Everyone who _____ himself will be humbled,"
11.You have approached "countless _____ in festal gathering,"
15."A bountiful ____ you showered down." Ps 68
16.The vice that is inordinate self-esteem.
19."_____ atone for sins."

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