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Immigration to Australia

Will Davidson

This crossword includes terms associated with immigration to Australia from Britain and other countries. This crossword is tough but don't give up!!

        6         7
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2.A form of government in which all property is publicly owned and people are paid based on their abilities and needs.
4.A controversial member of Australia politics between 1996-1998. Known especially for her controversial propsed immigration policies.
6.This policy, started in 1901, kept out any migrants from non-European countries. It was known as the "_____ Australia Policy"
8.Europe gave British people the opportunity to come to Australia to help populate the country. Known as "______ Migration".
9.Intolerant attitudes towards those who hold different beliefs to yourselves.
13.The acronym of the first act passed by the Australian government. It also shares it's name with an Irish terrorist group.
14.The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
17.Have more than one or many cultures in society.
19.Colloquial term for British people who migrated to Australia after World War 2 as part of the assisted migration scheme.
20.To migrate from one country to settle in another.
1.Similair to asylum seekers but do not have a political reason for fleeing their country, they are just economically unstable.
2.The mass killing of a group based on religion or ethnicity. Known as "Ethnic _______"
3.A test given in many European languages to determine if a person was allowed into Australia.
4.This was a term used in post World War 2 to state that without more people we would be invaded. It was "Populate or _______"
5.It occurred in Australia in 1901 and meant that Australia was now an official nation.
7.Factors that encourage people to leave their country or go to another.
10.The 22nd Prime Minister of Australia, _____ Fraser was critical in expanding migration to Australia.
11.Being forced to conform to society's expectations.
12.Prime Minister of Australia from 1915 to 1923.
15.The threat of invasion from Asian nations from the North. (Post World War 2)
16.Protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their country for political reasons.
18.The war in which forced Ahn Do and his family to flee their country.

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