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Technology Terms

Kaitlin Ritenour

Intro to Digital Technology

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4.The programs, routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation
7.An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.
8.A computer that has the associated physical equipment directly involved in the performance of data-processing or communications functions.
10.: A device that computes, especially a programmable electronic machine that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations or that assembles, stores, correlates, or otherwise processes information
1.Service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (2 Words)
2.Factual information, especially information organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions.
3.A program that accesses and displays files and other data available on the Internet and other networks.
5.The information produced by a program or process from a specific input.
6.Information put into a communications system for transmission or into a computer system for processing.
9.Central Processing Unit

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