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1       2      
  3 4
6             7                        
8                             9
      10             11
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14         15 16     17  
19     20     21                                
22   23                

1.the curve at a liquid's surface by which one measures volume of liquid
6.the change of state in which a solid becomes a liquid by adding energy
7.the law that states that the volume of a gas is directly proportional to the temperature of a gas when pressure is constant
8.a change hat occurs when one or more sustances change into entirely new substances
10.the amount of force exerted per unit area of a surface
19.anything that has mass and takes up space
21.a property of matter that describes a substance's ability to participate in chemical reactions
22.a measure of the amount of matter in an object
25.the tendancy of an object to resist being moved
26.the force that acts on the surface of a liquid
27.the conversion of a liquid to a vapor when the vapor pressure of the liquid the atmospheric pressue
2.the process in which a solid changes directly into a gas
3.the change of a substance from one physical state to another
4.a form of matter that doesn't have a definite volume or shape
5.the resistance of a gas or liquid to flow
9.the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance
11.the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas
12.a measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object
13.a characteristic of a substance that doesn't invovle a chemical change, such as density, color, or hardness
14.a measure of the size of a body or region in 3-D space
15.the physical forms of matter, which include solid, liquid, and gas
16.a change of matter from one form to another
17.the law that states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional the the pressure of a gas when temp. is constant
18.the change of state from a gas to a liquid
20.a measure of how hot or cold something is
23.the state of matter in which the volume and shape of a substance are fixed
24.the state of matter that has a definite volumebut not a definite shape

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