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Danielle Fragale

1   2             3
    5             6     7
    8     9          
11                         12    
    14 15                            
17         18    
24       25 26                      
      28       29
30                     31          
35           36            

1.Preferred sweetener (2 Words)
5.Type of glasses Pegg always said she was wearing (2 Words)
8.If you wanted to beat her in this card game you better yell this out
11."Bye, Bye____" (2 Words)
12.Her wallpaper blinds are an example of this
15.Kristen and Jennifer only ate Mimi's (2 Words)
16.Religious journey with Pegg
18.Number of grandchildren
19.Number one compliant of Virginians (2 Words)
20.Number of nieces and nephews
21.License mnemonic DHQ (3 Words)
22.She learned how to do this later in life
24.School subject she excelled in
26.Favorite past time
28.Number of sisters
30.Island she went with Susan & Sheila to visit Jay (2 Words)
31.Be kind to your garbage man and _____ your trash
32.Grandchild that almost choked at Thanksgiving
33.Infamous living room color
34.Grandchild who always did crossword puzzles with Mimi
35.Frequented this restaurant in Cville for a Swiss & mushroom burger (or Roast beef & coleslaw)
36."For it's one, two, three _____, you're out, at the old ball game
1.Favorite ice cream
2.Surprisingly she had a favorite animal
3.Famous homemade dessert (3 Words)
4.Number of children
6.Favorite phrase of distress (3 Words)
7.Grandchild that nicknamed her Mimi
9.Grandchild who has a one of a kind Mimi crafted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell
10.Looking for a parking spot? Call on her (2 Words)
13.Send her your papers because she was a pro at this
14.Neighborhood she raised her children in (2 Words)
17.Adjective she always used to describe Tommy
20.She always had this painting of a bridge hanging in her house (2 Words)
23.Reason why she wouldn't leave the house except for on Sundays (3 Words)
25."I'll be down to get you in a ____honey"
27.Don't call her between 7:30-8 pm EST because this is on
28.She had this at least 10 times a day
29.Always had these on her

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