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Design Techniques Final Review

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3.A ___ acts as a bridge to allow oil & water to mix
4.___ ___ swells hair the most during the waving process
6.The ability for hair to absorb moisture
7.Type of perm that requires an outside heat source
8.The three bonds that give strength to the protein chains are disulfide, hydrogen, and ___
11.The main ingredient in alkaline perms
13.The ability for hair to return to it's normal shape after stretching
16.The average pH of hair
19.Processing ___ depends on the hair texture and porosity
20.to permanently change hair from straight to curly, the ___ bond must be broken
22.The size of the curl is controlled by the ___ of the perm rod
25.There are three forms of ___
26.Glycerol monothioglycolate is the main ingredient in ___ ___ waving lotions
27.Atoms are the structural units that make up ___
28.Hair is matter and is in this form
29.The amount of hair strands per square inch
30.The part of the hair where chemical change takes place
1.___ ___ can be caused by a twisted or stretched too tight band on the perm rod
2.Hair too curly when wet and frizzy when dry indicates it was ___ ___
5.Self-heating acid waves are also known as ___
6.___ ___ is a unit of measurement that indicates whether a substance is acidic, alkaline, or neutral
9.___ ___ is what happens when ice melts
10.It is not recommended to use the ___ wave for highly porous hair
12.___ ___ reduces the swelling of the hair and hardens the bonds
14.___ are formed when two or more immiscible substances are united with a binder
15.The neutralizer is used to ___ the hair and lower the pH after waving
17.___ ___ used in wrapping hair ends must be porous
18.the appearance of hair if over processed
19.The amount of courseness or fineness of the hair
21.Mixture of two or more solids, liquids, or gases is a/an ___
23.Anything living or has lived contains ___
24.Stopping action of the permanent wave solution and fixing the curl is accomplished by the ___

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