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com[uter terms


Mrs. u's

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1.A device that convert printed document into digital file formats.
9.A picture used to identify an element onscreen,such as a toolbar.
10.Icon,menu, or other item that is part of an onscreen interface.
11.A computer device or component used to store data such as programs and files.
12.Computer, printers, and other devices.
13.A smooth, cushioned surface on which you slide a mouse
18.Temporary memory a computer uses to store information while it is processing.
20.To page through a document in order to view contents that is not currently displayed
21.A location on disk where you can store files.
23.In Microsoft window 7, location where you can view files and folders that are actually stored in other locations on your computer system
24.A device that allows you to select items onscreen by pointing at them with the mouse pointer.
25.A list of commands or choices
2.Technology that makes communication easier and more efficient.
3.Programs that provide the instructions for a computer or other hardware device.
4.A marker on your computer screen that shows you where the next mouse action will occur.
5.A folder stored within another folder.
6.The area onscreen where a program or document is displayed.
7.Fixed memory stored on a chip in a computer that provides startup and other system instructions.
8.The used of computers to collect, store, and distribute information.Also the various technologies used in processing, storing, and communication business and personal information.
14.A group of software programs sold as a single unit. Usually the programs have common features that make it easy to integrate and share data.
15.Text or graphics that are linked to another location. When you click a hyperlink, the destination is displayed.Often referred to simply as ''link''.
16.A wheel on some mouse devices used to navigate through a document onscreen.
17.The flashing vertical line that indicates where typed text will display.
19.The file currently open and active.Actions and commands affect the current file
22.A unit used to measure storage capacity.one byte equals about one character.

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