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Davin Hadley

2   3       4   5
    6   7 8      
9           10                    
  11   12       13        
    14       15            
16 17                    
    21   22            
23           24                  
            25 26
  27 28                    
29           30 31     32        
34       35                 36       37      
  38             39         40     41
  43 44       45         46           47            
              49       50      
53         54                    

2.Threatened to hack me!
8.Our acronym to warn of an extensive text message.
9.True of False?
10.The nickname Rev and I share for eachother.
11.I've given you two of these throughout our relationship.
13.MY 2nd favorite physical trait of yours.
14.A long distance tease that carries a love/hate type of appreciation.
16.Terrible movie experience with you that begun our distance relationship.
18.Our first date!
19.The number of months we've dated up to the end of august 2013.
20.My favorite energy drink.
22.I forgot to tip the waitress on a date with you at this restaurant.
23.The dark knight.
24.This band will remind me of you Forever and Always.
28.A movie we watched and don't remember.
29.A hopeful nickname unfortunately known as a turn off.
32.____ came to shove.
35.My favorite pokemon!
36.This was our only communication tool during your time in Jerusalem.
38.My least favorite color.
39.I have a map of this video game.
44.My element within the avatar world.
45.My favorite sport.
47.The hypothetical character representing Davin Hadley.
48.Pick a card, any card.
49.A maroon 5 song that set a negative mood for prom night.
51.We watched this movie even though it was in subtitles.
52.This event was held the night I got back with you in 2012.
53.My 1st favorite physical trait of yours.
54.A word adopted to describe the state of being overwhelmed with attraction.
55.I worked here with my uncle summer of 2013.
56.My favorite non-carbonated drink.
57.Fireworks with your family summer of 2013.
1.My favorite color? No wait, your favorite? Oh whatever..
3.The hypothetical character representing Andrea Sanchez.
4.True or False?
5.Your element within the avatar world.
6.My favorite breakfast food.
7."Where's your pretty pretty girlfriend?"
8.Look upon my favorite of your jewelry.
12.My main man peter parker!
15.The monthly anniversary date of our relationship sophomore year.
17.Kanan's favorite super hero.
18.The location of the sudden turn around confrontation of our high school relationship.
21.A description I used to often use to describe what you were to me. (Related to princess)
25.Your best nail polish.
26.My desired HD quality for movie/trailer watching.
27.I read this book series for a chance to talk to you.
30.The Girl in the ___ Sweater
31.The name of my family's 2013 summer basketball team.
33.You lied about your brothers watching this show like Rev did.
34.Agent _______ (Andrea Sanchez).
37.Superhero associated with my father.
40.The writing on my one and only jersey (purchased in summer of 2013).
41."No not a maxi skirt, go pick out some nice sun dress or something."
42.The superhero identified with Nick Parish.
43.We watched this hero triumph the first time I held your hand.
46.The name of my cousin-partner on my dads side of the family.
50.My 3rd favorite physical trait of yours.

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