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The Camel Crossword


A crossword dedicated to the UK band "Camel".

1 2 3     4 5
6 7 8                           9  
  10   11     12       13                  
  14                   15 16                      
  17                     18     19
21                                 22  
      23             24          
      25     26                         27                        
    28   29                     30                                            
    31   32                                
    33           34              
    35 36                          
38 39 40   41     42     43                                  
  44                           45                                      
48 49                     50     51                                    
              54                           55       56
57                         58                      
      59       60     61        
63                                   64        
  65       66 67                                      
  69             70                      
71           72                                            
73                           74              
75     76                 77           78         79  
      80             81     82    
    83               84                                 85  
    90                           91                        

3.Name of the pre Camel band featuring Latimer, Ferguson & Ward
8.Photographer credited on a few Camel Albums
12.Part of the anatomy of Guy Le Blanc which was fractured when a fan pulled him down onto the edge of a stage monitor at a gig in Holland in 2000
13.Title of a famous Camel bootleg of a radio show from a live performance in Tokyo, Japan in 1980
14.Instrumental track from Camels’ debut LP
16.Credited as operating the synthesiser on Camels' debut LP
18.The nickname for Andy Latimers damaged knee during the "Rajaz" tour
20.Paris Venue on the 2003 Farewll tour
21.Synthesiser favoured by Pete Bardens
23.Famous British horse racing track where Latimer & Ward allegedly composed "Slow Yourself Down"
24.Name of Pete Bardens former band when he joined Latimer, Ferguson & Ward before they acquired the name "Camel"...they toured in Belfast under this name
26.Former bandmate of Colin Bass who auditioned as Camels' drummer for the YK2 tour, but who was not eventually used
27.Camels' stage manager on the Nude tour
28."Moonmadness" and "Rain Dances" producer
30.Bonus track on the Japanses release of "A Nod And A Wink" eventually realeased as a download from Camel Productions
32.Unrealeased song from a bootleg album recorded in Italy in 1973
33.Name of touring band featuring ex Camel members, Pete Bardens, Andy Ward and Dave Sinclair
34.Drum manufacturer who sponsored Andy Ward in the 1970’s
36.Agency responsible for the gigs on the UK leg of the upcoming 2013 tour in October
40.Country of origin of the soldier that the "Nude" album was based upon
42.A Peter Bardens non Camel composittion which was recently covered on a solo album by Colin Blunstone
44.A rare version of this track recording live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1975 was eventually released on the "Lunar Sea" compilation CD
45.Members of Brew performed live and on an album by this singer-songwriter
49.Tile of a Pete Bardens song from one of his solo albums featuring Andy Latimer on backing vocals
51.David Paton song occasionally performed by Camel on The Single Factor tour
52."Strictly Come Dancing" judge who appears as a caberet artist on the "Pressure Points" video
54.Book by John Steinbeck that the "Dust & Dreams" album was inspired by
57.Producer of the "I Can See Your House From Here " album
58.Rare Camel song, unreleased for decades feauring Doug Ferguson on lead vocal
62.A "late night version" of this song appeared on the "Paris Collection" CD
63.Keyboard Player who guested on the American leg of the 2003 farewell tour
67.Original working title for the "I Can See Your House From Here" album
69.Name of a pre Camel band featuring Andy Latimer who recorded an unreleased album for a German producer
72.Location for the recording of the "Harbour Of Tears" album
73.The title of a Neil Larrsen instumental, known as " Nobody Knows" on varoius Camel Bootlegs
76.Cello player on "Dust & Dreams"
78.Name of the band who covered the "Pressure Points" track on the "Harbour Of Joy" tribute CD
84.Graphic artist credited with the design of several Camel Album sleeves
86.Ex guitarist from the UK band Pilot who was originally offered to join the line up on the "Single Factor" tour
87.Instrumental track recorded by Latimer, Ferguson & Ward released as a download by CP and features on the "Footage" DVD
88.Producer/Director on the "Pressure Points" video and DVD
89.Session drummer and Cliff Richard band stalwart who played drums on "The Single Factor"
90."Dark Ships" is this Camel keyboard player's album
91.Reknowned veteran UK accordion player who guested on "The Single Factor" album
92.Band featuring Kit Watkins before he joined Camel
93.Famous Irish Manchester United footballer who allegedly released a keep fit LP, on which there were compositions by Andy Latimer
94.Orchestral instrumental written by Latimer originally for the theme music to a UK nature programme of the same name....the track appears on the "I Can See Your House From Here" album
1.UK music paper whose readership voted Camel as "Brightest Hope" in the mid 1970's
2.Harpist on the "Rain Dances" album who covered a version of "Landscapes" on which Andy Latimer played piano
3.Ex Roxy Music band member who guested on "Elke" from "Rain Dances"
4.Dublin venue that Camel pulled out of playing on the "Harbour Of Tears" tour due to illness
5.Studio recorded track which opens the "Pressure Points" video & DVD
6.Rare Camel track which remained unreleased for several decades
7.Live recodings of this instrument that were totally replaced with new studio recordings for "The Snow Goose" suite from the Albert Hall, released on the "A Live Record" album
9.Bristol UK venue from which recordings can be found on the "A Live Record" album
10.UK songstress who lent her fairlight synth to Camel during the recording of "Stationary Traveller"
11.Andy Latimer guests on this track from David Minasians' first solo album
15.Name of the track on a Kayak album, featuring Andy Latimer
17.Fictional literary character "The White Rider" was based on
19.Former Camel member who released the "Water Colours" album
22.Design company responsible for the artwork on the "Camel...The Collection" compilation CD
25.Mr Latimer's middle name
29.Unreleased track originally written for the "Stationary Traveller" album, eventually replaced by the track “Missing"
31.Brand of cymbals favoured by Dave Stewart on the "Harbour Of Tears" tour
35.Famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that Andy Latimer wrote & submitted a soundtrack score for
37.Venue for a track performed by Camel which appeared on an LP on the Greasy Truckers label
38.Band featuring both Andy Ward and Richard Sinclair
39.Long time Camel monitor engineer and crew member on Camel tours
41.MC and Compere of the "Sight And Sound In Concert" recording for the BBC in 1977
43.Los Angeles venue for the recordings of acoustic style tracks from 2000 featured on the "Footage 2" DVD
46.Dutch record company cited by Andy Latimer as being resposible for buying huge quantities of the "Dust & Dreams" album
47.Support act on several Camel UK tours….Latimer also appeared as a session musician on two albums by this artist
48.Former Pilot drummer who toured with Camel in 1982
50.Sound Engineer on the "Dust & Dreams" world tour
53.Title of A tune written by Andy Latimer & Ant Phillips featured on a PGA golfing video
55.Co composition by Andy Latimer and Ton Scherepenzeel which appeared on Tons’ solo album
56.Andy Latimer appears on a track by this UK female artitist which was originally released on a Greenpeace compilation album
59.The ultra rare Brew track, composed by Andy Latimer released on the "Best Of Oak Records" vinyl LP
60.Original name for the Kit Watkins tune, which re-appeared renamed and re-arranged for the "Nude" album under the title "Docks"
61.City where the recordings for the "On The Road 1982" CD originated from
64.Guest drummer and backing vocalist on the "A Nod And A Wink" album
65.Record label which released the “a Compact Compliation” CD
66.Andy Latimer features on this artists "Dweller On The Threshold" album
68.Singer featured on both "Dust & Dreams" and "Harbour Of Tears"
70.Location for the recording of Camels' debut LP
71.Non-instrumental item of clothing credited to Doug Ferguson on the "Snow Goose" album
74.Drummer on "Harbour Of Tears"
75.Artist on whose "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" album that Latimer appeared on both producing and playing on the track "Don't Talk To Strangers"
77.Compilation CD released on the Elite records label
79.A Chris Rainbow composed tune which was occasionally played by Camel on "The Single Factor" tour
80.Track inspired by Peter Bardens from "Moonmadness"
81.Former bandmate of Colin Bass who played percussion on "Nude"
82.Booking agent from the Free Trade Agency who booked Camel on the "Harbour Of Tears" tour
83.Andy Latimer guests ot this track from Dave Sinclairs' "Stream" album
85.Band featuring Doug Ferguson, with whom Andy Latimer played with in Holland on a short tour

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