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1 2 3 4
  5             6  
    8             9      
10               11              
12               13 14      
15 16             17     18  
20   21              

5.a solute dissolves in a....
8.body's ability to maintain a stable internal environment
10.atomic number- atomic mass
11.type of bond that forms between polar molecules
12.subatomic particle with a negative charge
14.produced from a loss or gain of electrons
15.study of the form and structure of the human body
17.ions with a negative charge
21.type of bond that shares electrons
22.subatomic particle with a positive charge
23.ions with a positive charge
1.a type of feedback that moves stimulus in the same direction
2.sharing of electrons equally
3.smallest particle that exhibits the chemical property of an element
4.pH greater than 7, H+>OH-
6.complete outer shells with eight electrons
7.study of how the body functions
9.number of protons in an element
13.most common type of feedback
16.subatomic particle with a neutral charge
18.electrons are found in the....
19.pH less than 7, OH->H+
20.type of bond that "gives away" electrons
22.sharing of electrons unequally

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