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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (6)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

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2.Most receptors are ------.
4.A drug that activates its receptor upon binding
7.A drug extensively metabolized by first-pass hepatic pathways is least likely to be so affected if administered ------------.
10.Most patients tend to respond in a positive way to any therapeutic intervention by interested, caring, and enthusiastic medical personnel. The manifestation of this phenomenon in the subject is the ---------response
13.These reactions are described as oxidation reductions and involve an oxygen-containing group added to the substance to be excreted.
14.A drug that counters the effects of another by binding to a different receptor and causing opposing effects
15.two major functions served by second messenger reversible phosphorylation: flexible regulation and --------.
1.is the measure of the apparent space in the body available to contain the drug
3.The maximum effect that can be achieved with a particular drug, regardless of dose
5.protamine acts as a ....... ...........for heparin
6.This term describes the relationship between an individual's genetics and the individual's response to specific drugs
8.The inital dose of a medicine which is greater than the following doses is termed a -------- --------.
9.Fast acetylators are at risk for isoniazid induced ...........
11.Receptors coupled to G proteins are often called “G protein-coupled receptors” (GPCRs) , or --------- receptors
12.A plasma protein which is a major carrier for acidic drugs

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