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Parts of the Body


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1.Pair of organs which helps get rid of waste product from our blood.
4.The holds urine flowing from the kidneys.
5.We stand on these.
6.Air passage from the mouth to the lungs.
8.You have one in your ear.
11.You hear with this.
12.Joint connecting the hand and the arm.
13.Part of digestive system. You have a large and a small one.
16.Part of the digestive system
18.Red fluid that circulates in the veins and arteries.
20.the joint between the foot and the leg.
21.The largest glandular organ.
23.You see with this.
24.Tissue in your skull that control your nervous system.
26.A bone casing which protects the brain.
27.Tissue that forms the outer layer of the body
2.The bony framework of a human or animal body.
3.Hollow, muscular organ that circulates the blood round the body.
7.Protects the surface of the knee, also called the kneecap.
9.Carries blood from the heart.
10.Tissue that relaxes and contracts to produce movement.
11.Skin and muscle which covers the eye.
14.soft moveable organ we use to taste, swallow and speak.
15.Transparent membrane in front of the eyeball
17.You smell with this
19.A spongy air filled organ on either side of the chest.
22.Carries blood to the heart.
25.Curved bones in the chest, joined to the spine.

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