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Noun and Pronoun Crossword

Von Maverick

2       3           4
6                   7  
10         11             12
13               14          
15               16              
    17         18

2.Noun that the pronoun refers to is called the ________________
6.refers to another noun or pronoun in the sentence
8.Pronoun are used in place of people's name
10.are used for non-specific things. This is the largest group of pronouns.
13.These pronouns are used to demonstrate
15.is a word used to replace a noun.
16.are used to add more information to a sentence.
17.Noun can name things in general
19.things you can see or touch
1.These pronouns are used in questions.
3.words to describe groups
4.noun that represent actions
5.are used to show possession.
7.Only one noun
9.are used for actions or feelings that are reciprocated.
11.refers back to another noun or pronoun in the sentence to emphasise it
12.Noun can name specific things
14.things you cannot see or touch
18.Are words that name persons,places,things,action,and ideas

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