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5 Themes of Geography


Crossword practicing the 5 Themes of Geography notes

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5.The study of the earth and everything on it
6.Geographers begin to study a place by finding where it is.
10.someone who analyzes the Earth from many points of view
11.Helps explain how people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another.
13.The equator separates the globe into North and South __________.
14.The 0 degree measurement of latitude is called __________.
15.a model of a compass. It tells the cardinal directions, which are north, south, east, and west.
19.a change in accuracy of the shapes and distances of places.
20.Geographers study the physical and human features of a location.
21.a geographer who created flat maps for sailors in 1569.
1.Globes and maps are examples of geographer's __________.
2.explains where a place is by describing places near it.
3.the size of an object, if it is different from the original.
4.a pattern of parallels and meridians. On a map of a small area, letters and numbers are often used to help you find your location.
7.explains what the symbols on a map represent, such as triangles representing trees.
8.The 0 degree measurement of longitude is called __________.
9.Geographers study how people affect or shape physical characteristics of their natural surroundings and how does their surroundings (environment) affect them?
12.Geographers compare the climate, land, population, or history of one place to another.
16.the location that describes the place’s exact position on the Earth using latitude and longitude.
17.A way to remember the 5 Themes of Geography
18.a round ball, representing the earth.

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