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Mr. Clark

2 3  
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    7     8  
  11   12                    

1."I dropped the ball while I was trying to gain yards on the field!"
4.Six points are awarded for this.
9.One of their jobs is to carry the ball handed to them by the quarterback.
10.The kicker makes this after a touchdown.
12.This is thrown by the referees when there is violation of the rules.
13.Early footballs were made from these internal organs.
14.This was an early form of football that started in England.
1.Grabbing the front part of the helmet and pulling on it.
2.Keeping an opponent from moving. It is a penalty.
3.The defensive team catches the ball.
5.The offense gets this after making at least 10 yards.
6.This counts as 3 points.
7.They line up on the defensive side behind the defensive linemen.
8.The amount of minutes that a football game lasts.
11.The offense and defense both use this to get together and decide a play.
12.The person who kicks (punts) the ball to the other team on 4th down.

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