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Chapter 8

Vanessa Tomlinson

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration

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5.in cholorplasts, one of the stacked, flattened, pigment-containing membranes in which light-dependent reactions occur
8.fluid filled space outside the grana in which light-dependent reactions take place
10.ligh-independent reactions during phase two of photosynthesis in which energy is stored in organic molecules as glucose (2 Words)
14.the most important biological molecule that provides chemical energy
15.enzyme that converts inorganic carbon dioxide molecules into organic molecules during the final step of the Calvin cycle
17.catabolic pathway in which organic molecules are broken down to release energy for use by the cell (2 Words)
19.require oxygen (2 Words)
1.in photosynthesis, the major electron carrier involved in electron transport
2.series of reactions which pyruvate is broken down into carbon dioxide (2 Words)
3.Kreb cycle and electron transport and is an aerobic process (2 Words)
4.anabolic pathway in which light energy from the Sun is converted to chemical energy for use by the cell
6.do not require oxygen (2 Words)
7.one of the stacks of pigment-containing thylakoids in a plant's chloroplasts
9.the study of flow and transformation of energy in the universe
11.all the chemical reactions in a cell
12.glucose is broken down in the cytoplasm
13.occurs in cytoplasm and regenerates the cell's supply of NAD while producing a small amount of ATP
16.light-absorbing colored molecule in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts
18.the ability to do work

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