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Energy (improved)


Energy crossword

1 2
3                           4  
5                   6              
8                         9
11                     12  
14                 15            
19                 20
  22 23      

3."First Law of ..........." concerns conservation of energy.
5.Method of heat transfer in fluids.
6.The word for when energy moves from one object to another.
8.Form of energy which powers digital devices eg. radios/phones.
10.The name of an object that resists the passage of heat, electricity, or sound.
11.Energy cannot be created or ........
13.Method by which energy travels across space.
14.'...... power' - describes production of electricity from falling water.
17.State of matter reached by heating a gas.
18.Energy can ..... from one form to another.
19.The passage of energy through something.
21.Type of energy possessed by eg. petrol/diesel.
23.Type of energy produced when friction happens.
24.Something the molecules in any room temperature solid are doing.
25.Energy is the ability to do....?
27.The state of matter where the molecules are closest together.
1.'....... potential'. Type of energy given to an object when you lift it.
2.......... potential. Type of energy which transfers to the arrow in a bow & arrow.
4.Form of energy possessed by all objects (due to their position).
7.Name of an object through which heat or electricity flow easily.
9.Energy absorbed & detected by our ears.
12.Energy due to relative motion.
15.An object which measures temperature.
16.The state of matter where the molecules are furthest apart.
20.Type of energy released by 'fission'.
22.The name given to energy which is'nt being used.
26.Something which animals consume and contains chemical energy.

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