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Vocabulary Crossword

Allison Chudina

1 2
3         4         5
6       7        

3.A cancer survivor would be described as possessing this quality.
6.If someone felt angry because of unjust or offensive actions, they would be this.
9.After begging your mom enough times, she might give in, or do this, and buy you a Twix bar.
10.If you came face-to-face with the Terminator, you would think he was this type of opponent.
1.Flood waters can be called this.
2.If someone had a liking or inclination for a sport...
4.to feel bitterness toward someone or something; how someone might feel if their friend stole their job
5.An example would be to dance with great enthusiasm.
7.If a librarian catches you yelling in her library, she might give you this look.
8.doubtful or uncertain; how Cassie felt about being eye-to-eye with Miss Crocker

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