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Ronald Reagan

Killian O'Connor

The Life of Ronald Reagan

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1.Which state did Reagan not win in 1984?
5.Who was the president of the Soviet Union during Reagans presidency?
7.What was his Mother's first name?
9.What party did he change to?
11.What state was he Governor of?
12.What was his adult nickname?
13.What was the name of his first child?
16.What union was he President of?
17.What was his childhood nickname?
19.What disease did he have?
20.What was the name of the President that preceeded Reagan?
21.What rank did he serve as in the military?
22.What was his favorite snack?
26.What was his father's first name?
28.What was the highest office that he served in?
29.Who shot Reagan?
30.Which month did he die?
31.What wall did he implore the Soviet Union to tear down?
1.What Holiday did he create as a National Holiday?
2.What was his job before becoming Governor?
3.What month was he born in?
4.What animal represents his party?
6.Which branch of the armed forces did he serve in?
8.What state he was born in?
10.What was his summer job in High School?
14.What was the last name of his Vice-President?
15.Which Prime Minister was a strong ally of Reagan?
18.What college did he attend?
23.What sport did he play in college?
24.How many terms did he serve as President?
25.What was Reagan's middle name?
27.What was the name of his second wife?
29.What was the name of his first wife?

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