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Earth Science Introduction to Science

G. Oakley

Terms associated with the Scientific Method, SI, and Measurement.

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2.looking for patterns in collected observations
5.prefix meaning 1/1000 or 0.001
7.science whose branches include geology & meteorology
14.a measured, numeric quantity
15.SI unit of time
17.amount of space occupied
18.the SI system was based on properties of Earth and this substance
20.SI unit of weight (or force)
22.variable adjusted by the experimenter
23.separation between two points in space
24.SI unit of length
25.any organized collection of knowledge
26.an observation that is descriptive, but nonnumeric
29.measure of the pull of gravity on matter
33.prefix meaning 1/10 or 0.01
35.changing a quantity from one unit to another (ex: mL to L)
38.structured activity for collecting observations
40.type of graph showing information collected by counting
41.prefix meaning 1/100 or 0.01
42.a quantity that remains the same for all samples tested
43.variable that is examined to see if change occurs
45.temperature scale based on water freezing at 0 & boiling at 100
47.a complex quantity, made by combining simpler ones
48.the scientific question to be answered
1.locate (place) points on a graph
3.occupation that uses SI measurements everywhere on Earth
4.mass per unit volume (measures 'concentration' of matter)
6.device used to measure mass
8.summary of results of an investigation (even if different expectations)
9.a fact collected using senses
10.the most basic measurement quantities (length, mass, etc)
11.official SI unit of temperature
12.interval between two events
13.any letters that follow the # part of a measurement
16.quantity of matter in an object
19.energy possessed by an object in motion
21.explanation for patterns in nature
27.measures 'hotness/coldness' of matter (particle kinetic energy)
28.type of graph that shows part of a whole, fixed quantity
30.common name for SI (International System of Measurement)
31.a memory tool (helps to remember)
32.a judgment based on observation and experience
34.proposed possible solution to a problem based on observations
36.type of graph that shows continuous change
37.common unit of liquid volume (but not official SI volume unit)
39.mnemonic that tells order of colors in rainbow
41.untreated sample in experiment used for comparison
44.prefix meaning 1000
46.description of some overall pattern in nature

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