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Solar System


4                   5
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    15 16          

2.A theory which describes the birth of Universe. (2 Words)
4.Layer of gases surrounding a planet.
6.The galaxy that contains our solar system. (2 Words)
7.Planet with rings around it.
12.An instrument that helps you to observe far away objects.
13.In Ancient Greek this word means 'wandering star'.
14.An 'ice giant', the seventh planet from the Sun.
15.Smallest planet in our solar system and closest to the Sun.
17.Our Sun is one of these.
18.Sometimes called the 'red planet'.
1.The totality of existence, everything we know.
3.An area in spacetime which gravity prevents anything from escaping, even light, hence the blackness! (2 Words)
5.The star at the centre of our solar system.
8.The largest planet in our solar system.
9.A gaseous plannet in our solar system, furthest from the sun.
10.A system of stars held together by gravitational forces.
11.Apart from our Moon this is the brightest object in the night sky.
13.Used to be the ninth planet in our solar system but instead is now just a 'dwarf planet'.
16.Planet where we live.
18.Humans landed on this in 1969.

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