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holidays-travelling long


4   5
  6     7          
  8     9
      10   11                
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3.activity you do in the mountains
6.a person who explains a country's sights to you
10.woman who cleans your hotel room
12.what you buy to take home as a memory of your holiday
13.what children build on the beach
15.what you put in your mouth to breathe when holding your head under water
16.form of travelling, usually on business or to a city
18.booklet that informs you about holidays
20.place in a hotel where you check in
21.little edible animal walking sideways that lives in the ocean
23.a vehicle to live in you trail behind your car when you go on holiday
25.place where you put up your tent
26.sandy area at the ocean
27.you jump ...... the swimming pool (prep)
1.make a hole in the sand (verb)
2.a bus that links your hotel/city centre with the airport
4.what the ocean forms when it is stormy
5.document you show when crossing the border
7.another word for 'relaxation' or 'regeneration'
8.relaxing form of holidays on an ocean liner, stopping at various harbours
9.the mealplan of breakfast and dinner in a hotel
11.you spend your holiday ...... the seaside (prep)
14.synonym for 'very hot', often used with 'heat' (adj)
17.favourite cooling snack in the summer, offered in different flavours
19.vehicle that takes you to the tops of mountains through the air
22.place at border where you declare your imported goods
24.form of travelling, usually by ship

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