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Plants 4 Upgrades

Rupert Villamor

Plants vs Zombies 4 PLANTS

1                       2 3     4      
5 6   7   8            
11                 12          
14 15                                    
    19                                   20
22                       23                      
  26                                 27
  28         29                  
30         31   32    
    33     34                    
  36                     37              

1.Eats 2 zombies at an adjacent area.
3.Shoots spikes anywhere and let plant land plants on water.
7.Has a extremely high defense and drops nails anywhere.
9.Eats graves, zombies and plants.
10.Shoots fast/slow peas.
11.Explodes when eaten.
15.Defends the plant and heals it self before it gets eaten.
17.Makes small, normal, or big sun.
18.Clear away dark areas and can fly
19.It takes 30 seconds to arm and explodes 2x.
22.Catapults lettuce anywhere.
23.Hypnotizes 2 zombies when near.
24.Explodes heavily when eaten and leaves a deeper crater.
25.Makes zombies divert into other lanes and damage them.
26.Shoots electric spores.
28.Protects nearby plants from almost any type of zombie.
30.Squashes zombies anywhere 5x.
34.Attracts 2 metal objects, even vehicles, at a time.
35.Makes daimond every moment.
36.Makes 1 big sun.
37.It makes the plant sleeps and it wakes up and doubles the power.
38.Shoots spikes in 3 lanes.
39.Shoots machine peas at zombies.
40.Lights regular peas to napalm fire peas.
2.High defense and cannot be jumped, fly, or climbed over.
4.Grabs zombies 3x and recharges or else eaten.
5.Damages zombies 3x when walked over.
6.Freezes zombies for a minute when bitten.
8.Shoots lightning spores on water.
12.Explodes fire in 3 lanes.
13.Shoots 2 spores and gets stronger when zombies are near.
14.Turns into the season plant when the climates change.
16.Shoots 3 peas in 3 lanes back and front.
20.Shoots fumes at an adjacent area.
21.Plants 2 plants in it
27.Shoots duple peas at zombies.
29.Blows away fog and flying zombies twice.
31.Shoots any type of peas.
32.Shoots lightning stars in 5 directions.
33.Shoots a cob in a lane.

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