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1 2
3   4   5
    6 7      
8                                           9                  
  17                       18  

8.gathering information, storing it, and analyzing it.
11.is the process of deciding how to get goods into customer’s hands by physically moving and storing goods as part of distribution planning
12.the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large
15.involves having a product where customers can buy it.
16.Intangible items that have monetary value and satisfy your needs and wants, such as a hair cut, dry cleaning of clothes, and cooking a hamburger.
17.involves changing raw materials into usable goods or putting parts together to make them more useful.
19.Tangible items that have monetary value and satisfy your needs and wants, such as cars, furniture, televisions, and clothing.
20.decisions dictate how much to charge for good and services in order to make a profit.
21.describes the percentage of the total sales volume generated by all companies that compete in a specific market.
22.provides customers with the good and services they want.
23.is the added value to a product in economic terms.
1.includes all businesses that buy products for use in their operations.
2.is a group of people most likely to become customers
3.The idea that a business should strive to satisfy customers’ needs and wants while generating a profit for the business
4.involves communication with the consumer
5.lists information about the target market
6.consists of consumers who purchase goods and services for personal use.
7.involves understanding the concepts and strategies used to develop and target specific marketing strategies to a select audience.
8.four basic marketing strategies
9.Channel Management, Marketing Information Management, Market Planning, Pricing Product/Service Management, Promotion, Selling
10.is the exchange of the product for money.
13.Politicians offer voters their platform or ideas in hopes of getting votes.
14.is having a product or service available at a certain time of year or a convenient time of day.
15.is the effort to inform, persuade, or remind current and potential customers about a business’s products or services.
18.all people who share similar needs and wants and who have the ability to purchase a given product.

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