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Latin II review principal parts

  2 3    
4 5           6  
8 9                
10         11          
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1.I have shut; 3rd prin. pt. of SHUT
2.to be; 2nd prin. pt
5.shut; 4th prin. pt.
7.to clean; 2nd prin. pt.
9.4th prin. pt. of BE
10.I run; 1st prin pt
11.to love; 2nd prin. pt.
13.I lead
14.the second principal part; translated with "to" in front
16.I have made/I have done; 3rd prin. pt of MAKE, DO
17.I have heard; 3rd prin pt
19.I order; 1st prin pt
20.I have ordered; 3rd prin. pt.
1.I have run; 3rd prin. pt. of RUN
3.I have gotten up; 3rd prin pt of RISE, GET UP
4.I help; 1st prin pt
6.to write; 2nd prin. pt
8.I teach; 1st prin pt
12.I have led; 3rd prin. pt of LEAD
15.4th prin. pt. of MAKE, DO
17.I have loved; 3rd prin. pt of LOVE
18.I have been; I was; 3rd prin. pt. of BE

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