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Son of the Mob

Ms. Kendra

1 2 3 4
  5   6           7
8       9                  
12                             13
14           15  
17         18                   19    
21     22         23      
      24 25              
28         29        
31 32              

6.Alex was responsible for putting up ______ around the school
8.Ed Mishkin owns
10.Name of Kendra's tapes
12.Part of Vince's website that gets the most activity
14.Number of businesses that burned
17.Vince's best friend
18.Place Boaz owned
20.Kendra broke up with Vince because she thought he...
21.Vince wants to go to _________ far away
25.Date with this girl didn't end well due to Jimmy Rat
26.Vince and Kendra were nominated _________ king and queen
27.Vince's age
28.Character that has cyberpharaoh.com
30.Number of years that Ray was undercover
31.Uncle that cuts off fingers
33.Ordered the Calabrese hit
34.Undercover FBI agent
1.Platinum Coast wasn't legit, it was a ...
3.What do the names in the cat ads actually represent
4.How Vince felt when he found about Ray
5.Kendra compares their relationship to...
7.Jimmy and Ed owed Vince ______ hundred dollars
9.Item Ray held when Vince confronted him
11.Jimmy Rat owns
13.Vince's ______ ______ turned out to be legit
15.Carried out the Calabrese hit
16.Kendra's hobby
19.Nickname given to Kendra's father
22.Newspaper said this was to blame for the fires
23.Mr. Mullinicks teaches this class
24.Vince found this person in the trunk of his car
29.Responsible for the fake ads on the website
32.Another word for murder

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