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Short Story Vocabulary

Maureen Mulvaney

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3.detailed analysis, grading of something
5.the use of irony to mock/saying the opposite of what one means
6.a person who comments on events, a broadcaster
8.huge exaggeration
11.hard to find, not enough supply
15.unnecessary, overflow
16.widespread infectious disease
17.not cashed in, unable to get revenge or credit for
20.the vibes or karma surrounding a person
21.something that stands for something else
22.negative/critical lens used to view the world
23.a repeated pattern
1.outside edges or flanks
2.very unpleasant smell
7.fun, but unnecessary, wasteful
9.swept over, surrounded entirely
10.simple acts of politeness
12.boring, repititious, every day sameness
13.ethical, with moral character, virginal
14.movie theater
18.over the top joy, a state of happy excitement
19.the way things look, the looks of surroundings

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