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Literary Terms

Name ____________________________

1 2
3   4 5             6 7
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      10 11                  
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              31       32        
34                                   35  

5."My cat is a log." is an example of this type of figurative language
8.a character who does not change during the course of the story
9.an ancient Greek story that explains natural occurrences or happenings in the world
11.the dictionary meaning of a word without the emotion or feeling connected with the word
12.the point of view used in manuals & self-help books
16.a word or phrase that a writer uses to mean the exact opposite of its normal meaning
18."Life is like a box of chocolates." is an example of this type of figurative language
19.a story composed orally and passed down by word of mouth
21.the feeling or emotion a word brings to your mind
26.BAM! is an example of this type of figurative language
30.when one character is in conflict with another character
31.when the author takes the reader back in time to a memory
33.point of view that has the narrator as a character in the story; uses "I"
34."The rock stubbornly refused to move." is an example of this type of figurative language.
36.a fully developed character who has many traits and characteristics
38.this third person narrator only tells the reader what is observable
39.this third person narrator can only tell us the thoughts and feelings of one character
1.where, when and the time a story takes place
2.the central message, concern, or purpose of a story
3.a type of literature
4.a form of language spoken by people in a particular region
6.when the climax or conflict is solved it is called the ________________
7.a person or thing fighting against the hero of a story
9.the atmosphere or feeling in a literary work
10.when a character debates within his or her own mind and heart
11.a character who changes or grows during the course of a literary word
13.characters speaking in a work of fiction
14.the main character in the story
15.pictures, side bars, bold print, graphs, charts, and captions are examples of this literary device
17.giving non-human objects human characteristics
20."Maria was trying so hard to get the question right, she was throwing out everything but the kitchen sink!" is an example of this type figurative language
22."Bob built a brilliant boat." is an example of this type of figurative language.
23.a prediction or hint of what will happen
24.the perspective or vantage point from which a story is told
25.a brief story or poem, usually with animal characters, that teaches a lesson and has a moral
27.the highest point of action in a story
28.this third person narrator is the "all-knowing" narrator
29.a struggle or problem in the story for the main character
32."She was so skinny she had to run around in the shower to get wet." is an example of this type of figurative language.
35.problems or complications
37.the sequence of events in a story

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