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Exploration and Colonialization Test Review

Mr. Kane, Ms. Evans & Ms. Taylor

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2.This was the group that founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony
6.This was an aggrement amonst the Pilgrims which relied upon majoritarian rule (first use of Democratic rule in the Colonies.)
8.The first permanent English Colony in America was?
10.Enslaved Africans would get sick and die due to the brutal conditions seen through this part of the Triangular Trade.
12.This was a type of government seen in the British Colonies where all of the political power rested with the members or investors of the group.
13.James Oglethorpe founded this colony which was used for English Debtors (Penal Colony)
15.This colony was different from others in that they were mainly peaceful with the native americans.
17.This explorer sailed east seeking a faster route to China and the Far East.
23.This group of Native Americans had a confederation for governing, protection and trading puroposes.
24.This Explorer was the first to claim Columbus had reached a new world, and had the new world named after him.
25.Led by William Penn this group were non violent, provided equality to both men and women, wanted a separation of curch and state, and religous toleration for all.
28.This is a series of acts of Parliament, the first of which was passed in 1381, that attempted to restrict America’s trading to English ships the right to carry goods to and from England and its colonies.
31.As a way to purify their colonies, Puritans would often execute women as seen through this?
32.This enabled the colonies to operate independently of Britain, both economically and politically, and to forge an American identity?
34.The colonists in Virginia and Jamestown ultimately survived by learning to grow this and sell it to Europe.
36.This was a coup in England which ended with the overthrow of King James II.
37.This European nation had a much better relationship with the Native Americans than the English did.
38.George Calvert was the first this... who was the founder/owner/governor of Maryland
1.Ones world power is directly related to ones wealth which should have a favorable balance of trade is known as this?
2.Pilgrims and Puritans left England because of Religous differences and that they were this?
3.This was the first form of representative government in the Colonies?
4.One of the things the European Colonists gave the Native Americans during the Columbian Exchange was this
5.Education in New England seen through this Colony was given an education, unlike the rest of the colonies
7.This Colony which rests in the Chesapeake Bay Area (not Jamestown) had fertile land to raise crops on.
9.One effect of this was that Virginia's leaders reduced farmers' taxes and improved access to the Frontier land.
11.A poor person obligated to a fixed term of unpaid labor, often in exchange for a benefit such as transportation, protection, or training was part of this.
14.The Spanish came to the Americas and got rich by relying upon this
16.A colony were the king directly rules the colony was refered to as this.
18.A diverse group of colonists were attracted to colonies like New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Maryland because they offered this to their colonists?
19.The result of this war with the Native Americans gave most of land to the colonists in New England.
20.This is the founder of Providence Rhode Island after he was exiled from Massachusetts.
21.Gunpowder is one example that the settlers and explorers had over this group.
22.A Christian revitalization movement that swept Protestant Europe and English Colonies.
26.Many early colonists were attracted to Virginia because were using this, which works along side Indentured Servatude.
27.All of the 13 English Colonies relied upon this type of economy?
29.The first English settlement was at Roanoke, but failed when supplies were never brought back, so the colony was refered to as this.
30.Tobacco was used as this in colonies like Maryland and Virginia.
33.This was introduced to the Americas by Europeans during the Columbian Exchange and changed transportation for the Native Americans.
35.The French came to the Americas and got rich by relying upon this

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