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1.How many EPs has Chamillionaire released since he left Universal Records? (write in letters)
2.A "BONUS" person to join Chamillionaire's Google + hangout
3.What year did Chamillionaire leave Universal? (write in digits)
4.Old School rapper's car which is still in Chamillionaire's garage? Name the rapper. (2 words, put "_" sign in the space)
7.Name the month "This My World" video was realeased
8.Video that BucktownzFinest won a jocket from? (2 words, put "_" sign in the space)
10.Chamillionaire's Get Ya Mind Correct partner? (2 words, put "_" sign in the space)
11.What is the freestyle Chamillionaire gave a shout out to Andy Nance for winning NBA Brackt Contest? (2 words, put "_" sign in the space)
12.Name the song Rockie Fresh featuring Chamillionaire
1.Who was the Ammunition Contest Winner?
5.What is the name of the army?
6.What company gave Chamillionaire "a phone they say I will love"
9.You can easily become a millionaire, but you ain't do it...(name the time period)
13.Who is Chamillionaire's favorite NBA player?
14.What is the name of the song that won Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group Award?

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