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ESL 120: column 3, puzzle

Arafat Husein

2 3            
6               7
  8     9      

3.noun-(c)an amount of money paid regularly by the government or company to someone who does not work any more, for example because they have reached the age when people stop working or because they are ill
4.adj - happening once a year
5.noun-(c/nc)a hard, usually shiny substance such as iron, gold, or steel
6.noun-(c)a plane or other vehicle that can fly
8.(trans &int)to organize or make plans for something such as a meeting, party, or trip
11.conj -used to introduce the only person, thing, action, fact, or situation about which a statement is not true
12.adj -having nothing inside
14.adj - shining strongly, or with plenty of light:
1.noun-(c)something that you think is true although you have no definite proof
2.(Trans)to show that something is definitely true, especially by providing more proof:
4.noun-(c)before something happens or is expected to happen:
7.adj - highest in rank
9.(Trans)to try to do something, especially something difficult
10.(Trans)to bravely accept or deal with a painful, difficult, or upsetting situation
13.(Trans)to try or intend to achieve something

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