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Best "Friends"

Brenna Clark

Trivia from a favourite TV Show

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  12               13    
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            44 45        

1.Quote: "You have to stop the ____ when there's resistance."
6.Colour of the couch in the coffee shop
8.Love-struck coffee shop manager
12.Ellen DeGeneres turned down the role of this character
16.Joey's alter-ago: Dr. Drake _________
17.Actor originally offered the role of Chandler
18.Number of sisters that Joey has
21.Perry's failed sitcom: Mr. ________
22.Mike Hannigan's portrayer
24.Movie set where Courteney and David met
26.Phoebe's alias: Regina ________
28.Character that Kudrow voiced in "Hercules"
29.Ross and Rachel's daughter
30.Famous "Friend's" haircut (2 words)
32.Actress disgusted by "Jersey Shore" reality show
33.Character with a "work laugh"
34.War-theme TV miniseries in which Schimmer appeared (3words)
37.Joey's pickup line (3 words)
39.Country that Perry was raised in
40.Guest star who received many standing ovations on set
43.The two words that all episode titles start with
44.Chandler's middle name
46.Hollywood star who lost a bet and had to guest-star on "Friends" for free
47.Rachel's ex-fiance
2.Chandler's dad was played by actress Kathleen ________
3.Maggie Wheeler's character
4."I'll Be _____ For You"
5.Frank Jr, to Phoebe
7.Phoebe's instrument of choice
9.Title of "Friends" spinoff
10.Number of babies that Phoebe birthed
11.Type of cat that "looks like a hand"
13.Phoebe's famous song (2 words)
14.Character who had plastic surgery in college
15.Actress that Monica wants her hair cut to look like
19.Jennifter Aniston's Ex-Husband
20.Cox's show, ______ Town
21.David Schimmmer's nickname on set
23.Matthew Perry's The Whole _____ Yards
25.Actor who went prematurely grey
27.Job title for Ross
31.Name of the infamous coffee shop (2 words)
35.Alternate career choice for Schwimmer
36.Ross in costume: The Holiday _______
38.City in which the show is set
41.Rachel's middle name
42.Aniston comedy: "We're the ______"
45.Phoebe's sister

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