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B1 Key Content

Mr W & Mrs S

Key content taken from B1, you and your genes; 21st Century Science.

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2.A new cell or individual made by asexual reproduction. A clone has the same genes as the parent.
3.The sex cells that fuse during fertilisation to form a zygote. In humans the male version of this is the sperm and the female is the egg.
8.Proteins come in two forms. An example of this type of protein is collagen, the protein found in tendons.
9.Some characteristics such as height are a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of two things.
12.A characteristic governed solely by our genes (FYI- Alexandra's genesis is a hoax). (2 Words)
13.Chemicals in living things that are polymers made by joining amino acids. There are about 50,000 of these in a human.
14.This literally means fertilisation in glass. This is the primary stage of pre implantation genetic diagnosis.
18.The famous sheep.
19.After the embryo.
21.These can be harvest if we were to clone embroyos. (3 Words)
23.Factors that are effected by your surrounding (i.e. your upbringing).
24.The UKS's independent regulator overseeing the use of gametes and embryos in fertility treatment and research.
25.The gene on the Y chromosome that triggers the production of testes at 6 weeks in the womb.
26.An inherited (dominant allele in this case) disease of the nervous system, symptoms do not show up until middle age.
32.A non-scientific choice, concerned with what is right and wrong.
33.A risk of a foetal genetic test.
35.A description of the physical characteristics that an organism has (often linked to a particular gene). Such as eye colour.
37.Twins where there is only one egg and one sperm (where the zygote splits); identical.
38.The SRY gene on the Y chromosomes determines this.
39.This is a structural protein that is found in the body, it has a variety of uses, some of which in the cosmetic industry.
43.These people now rely on evidence from body fluid and so on to link people to the scene of a crime.
44.Factors that are effected by an organisms's genes.
46.Ay laaar; an environmental characteristic.
47.The earliest stage of development for a animal or plant (in humans this is the first two moths after fertilisation).
49.Twins where there are two separate eggs fertilised by two separate sperm; non-identical.
50.A section of DNA providing the instruction for a cell to make one particular protein
1.This is used to select zygotes that do not have faulty genes. This procedure is tightly controlled so that we do not have designer babies.
2.A foetal genetic test carried out at 10-12 weeks with a larger chance of miscarriage. (3 Words)
4.A genetic test can be done to find the most appropriate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for treating illnesses in individuals.
5.A foetal genetic test that is carried out at 15-18 weeks on amniotic fluid.
6.The shape of a DNA molecule. (2 Words)
7.An inherited disorder (recessive allele in this case) that cause respiratory and digestive problems due to excessive mucous. (2 Words)
10.The percentage chance of having a child with blue eyes from parents who are both heterozygous. (2 Words)
11.Long, thin, threadlike structures in the nucleus of a cell made from a molecule of DNA. These carry the genes.
15.Differences within and between species. You get more of this from sexual reproduction/
16.An individual with two different alleles for a particular gene.
17.A type of protein such as amylase, the enzyme that breaks down starch.
20.This system in the body is affected by cystic fibrosis.
22.If all individual s were screen for their genetic chance of getting cancer, this premium could increase.
24.An individual with both alleles of a particular gene the same.
27.The cell organelle (part of a cell) that contains the chromosomes (DNA) of organisms.
28.An unspecialised cell that can develop into any type of cell. (2 Words)
29.An allele that will be expressed in an organisms even if there is a different allele of that gene present.
30.A process of determining if individual has a genetic fault. This can be done on a very large scale.
31.A protein that catalyses (speeds up) chemical reactions in living things whilst remaining unchanged at the end of the process.
34.An allele that will only be expressed in an organisms when the dominant allele is not present, you also need two copies of this.
36.The genotype for a girl.
40.A description of the genes that an organism has.
41.The male gamete.
42.When a new individual is produced from just one parent.
45.The genotype for a boy.
46.Different versions of the same gene
48.The female gamete.

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