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B2 Key Content

Mr W & Mrs C

Key content take from B2, keeping healthy; 21st Century Science.

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2.A high risk meat that can cause food poisoning if not cooked completely. Bock, bock, bock...... bock.
4.Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart.
9.This word describes how only one antibody will fit one antigen. This word is also used to describe enzymes.
10.A poisonous substance produced by some miccroorganisms that can cause illness and ultimately in a closed system lead to the death of the microorganism itself.
13.When undertaking an epidemiological study (patterns, causes and effects of diseases on health), this needs to be large for the finding to be valid. (2 Words)
14.A group of proteins made by white blood cells to fight each different type of microorganism. They bind to the antigens on the surface of the microorganism which triggers other white blood cells to digest them.
15.A hormone produced by the pituitary gland that makes the kidney tubules more permeable, causing greater- re-absorption of water.
16.In reference to a bacterial growth curve. This is when the growth of new bacteria equals the death of old bacteria. (2 Words)
19.A form of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a significant portion of a population provides a measure of protection for individuals who do not have immunity. (2 Words)
20.Doctors use these to diagnose your illness.
21.Microorganisms that can only live and reproduce in living cells (they also mutate regularly).
25.A bacterium that caused the death of some children two years ago after they had close contact with farm animals. _-_ _ _ _
26.A graph used to describe population changes of bacteria. (2 Words)
27.The invasion of a host organism's bodily tissues by disease-causing organism.
29.A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.
30.Caused by the failure of blood with glucose and oxygen to reach muscles tissues in the heart. (2 Words)
32.This is what the white blood cells do to foreign bodies; e_ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _t. (3 Words)
36.A virus that attacks the immune system. One barrier to finding a cure it the high mutation rate of this virus.
39.When planning an investigation, there are three types of these; one to change, one to measure and many to keep the same.
43.This method is used to make microorganisms harmless so that they can be injected into a person during a vaccination, alternativly, dead forms of the microorganisms can be used. (2 Words)
44.A lifestyle disease linked to smoking. (2 Words)
45.Once a new drug has passed animal trials, these tests start on humans to test how effective the medicine is and identify any side effects. (2 Words)
46.In medical research, these are given as control treatments and depend on the use of measured deception. They are also the name of a 90s band.
49.A change in the DNA of an organisms that can change the organism's characteristics.
50.Tiny blood vessels that are only one cell thick. They carry blood between the arteries and veins.
51.When babies are born prematurely, they have issues regulating body temperature so the are placed in one of these.
53.These are proteins on the surface of a cell. These are unique markers that allows our body to identify them as foreign. Antibodies bind to these.
54.A clinical trial where the patient does not know if they are taking the new drug but the doctor does. (2 Words)
55.An organ that filters urea out of the blood and regulates water content in the human body.
56.These have antibacterial qualities.
1.A group of living things, microorganisms that can not make their own food. Athletes foot is an example in this case.
3.The word to describe the maintenance of a constant internal conditions inside the body.
5.Cause by a lack of oxygen and glucose to cells in the brain.
6.The word that describes the best conditions.
7.These are done after testing medication on human cells, but before clinical trials. There is a large ethical debate concerning these. (2 Words)
8.Used to clean living surfaces. The substance is dilute.
11.These can sometimes be the negative consequence of vaccination; risk should be very low though. (2 Words)
12.This was [wrongly] linked to parents who used the MMR vaccine.
16.Eradicated in 1979. Caused by a virus that led to raised fluid filled blisters on the body.
17.Used to clean non living surfaces. The substance is concentrated.
18.This can be used in developing nations to improve the quality of drinking water.
20.These have started tp develop as a result of the misuse of antibiotics. Strong strains of bacteria have evolved.
22.This is a long-lived white blood cell which is able to respond very quickly to produce antibodies after a microorganism invades the body for a second time. (2 Words)
23.Where the patient and the doctor both know if a new drug is being used. o_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ trials. (2 Words)
24.One type of single-celled microorganism that does not have a nucleus. Some of these cause disease such as salmonella.
28.A system where any change results in actions that reverse the original change. (2 Words)
30.There is a correlation between this virus and cervical cancer; thankfully a vaccination has recently been used across the country.
31.Cells in the blood that fight microorganisms. Some of these cells digest invading microorgansisms and some produce antibodies. (3 Words)
33.The name for the nutrient rich jelly that microbiologists use (including yourselves) to culture some microorganisms. It comes from sea weed.
34.Cell _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ occurs every 20 minutes for some bacteria.
35.This is the word used to describe diseases that can be passed on.
37.Drugs that kill or stop the growth of bacteria or fungi. They do not work on the common cold!
38.A part of the human brain that releases hormones. (2 Words)
40.Introducing to the body a chemical used to make a person immune to a disease. It contains weakened or dead microorganisms, or parts of the microorganism, so that the body makes antibodies specific to the disease without becoming ill.
41.A lifestyle disease linked to diet and exercise. (2 Words)
42.Can have genetic and lifestyle elements to this disease. This is the name for rapid uncontrollable cell division.
44.This describes how you live your life. There are many correlations between these factors and diseases (e.g. exercise and heart disease).
47.Pioneer of the smallpox vaccine- with questionable ethics (remember the cartoon).
48.Combine vaccination for measles, mumps & rubella.
52.The abbreviation used to describe a group of communicable illnesses such as chlamydia.

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