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Chemistry of Life

Akash Gosai

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3.positively and negatively charged atoms
4.basic unit of matter
8.elements or compounds produced by a chemical reaction
9.contains sugar ribose
14.negatively charged particle
16.any compound that forms H+ ions in solution
19.attraction between molecules of different substance
20.has three parts: 5-carbon sugar, phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base
22.energy needed to get a reaction started
26.atoms of the same element that differ in the number of neutrons they contain
31.single sugar molecules
32.the reactants of enyzme-catalyzed reactions
33.smallest unit of most compounds
34.material composed of two or more elements or compounds that are physically mixed but not chemically
1.proteins that act as biological catalysts, speeds up chemical reactions that take place in cells
2.substance that is dissolved
5.macromolecules that contain nitrogen as well as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
6.proteins are polymers of molecules
7.formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another
8.large macromolecules formed from monosaccharides
10.formed when electrons are shared between atoms
11.process that changes one set of chemicals into another set of chemicals
12.are compounds made up of carbon,hyrdogen,and oxygen atoms. 2:1:1
13.mixtures of water and nondissolved material
15.protons and neutrons together form the
17.substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction
18.mostly from hyrdogen and carbon atoms, used to store energy
21.any compound that produces hydroxide ions in solution
23.macromolecules containing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon,and phosphorus
24.elements or compounds that enter into a chemical reaction
25.the ions gradually become dispersed in the water forming this mixture
27.subtance in which the solute dissolves
28.substance formed by chemical combintion of two or more elements in definite proportions
29.attraction between molecules of the same substance
30.chemical is a pure substance that consiss entirely of one type of atom

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