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Work Vocabulary

James Evans

Business English Vocabulary for collocations activities.

4   5 6
  7 8      
  9   10              

1.When you look for a new job.
3.What you receive when your employer increases your pay.
10.When you go to an interview.
12.The person who attends an interview for a job.
13.An event where professionals speak in front of lots of other people.
14.When you send off an application form and / or CV for a job.
15.When you formally tell your employer you are leaving the company.
2.When you take time off work for a holiday or through illness.
4.The document you sign when you take a job.
5.When you move to a more senior position within a company.
6.The person who tries to poach an employer from another company.
7.When a company takes on new staff.
8.When you take time off from your career to do something else, but then return.
9.When a position becomes available in a company.
11.Someone you work with in a company.

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