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The Universe

Mrs. G

Using your vocabulary lists, solve the following crossword puzzle.

1 2 3
4                 5            
  10 11            
13   14           15        
16                 17                

4.growing outwards
5.the attraction or force between two objects
7.anything that has both mass & volume, takes up space
9.a specific place or position with a view
11.mass per a unit's volume
12.equation that recession velocity between galaxies & earth is = to their distance away
14.dense matter that is only found in space
16.anything that is without beginning or end
17.study of the universe & humanity's place on it
18.distance that light travels in one year (299,792,458 meters per second)
1.the part of the universe that humans are able to observe from earth, approx. 93 billion light years
2.theory of how the universe began
3.anything that is not defined as matter, especially vast in outer space
6.part of matter that takes many forms, such as sound, heat, light, chemical
8.any observable occurrence, usually an extraordinary event
10.form of energy found throughout space & responsible for expansion of universe
13.everything that physically exists through space & time
15.basic unit of matter

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